Welcome to the Musical World
of Ricky Gene Powell

 Acoustic Labratory Profiles

Tim Wetmiller-Violin  Tim travels the world seeking out the true musical teachers of the world in places such as Mexico, Cuba, South America and Japan. Tim perform's with Hot Club Sandwich, Las Flacos and Dysfunction Junction.

Yusuf Kilgore -6 & 7 String Guitar & Tres is a string player of unlimited ability and his influences and stylistic approach to guitar include; Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Brazilian Choro & Americana.

Tom Rooney-Guitar & Vocals is a multi instrumentalist that brings Irish, American Traditional, Reggae and Soul. His music is not limited to instruments as he is an outstanding vocalist as well.

Colin Klien-Banjo performs on his banjo with gusto and is incredibly versatile. He beings a wealth of experience in all banjo styles and his work in The Eclectic Cloggers  & The Seattle Folk Review express his approach.

Jorge Vazquez-Bass & Vocals hails from Veracruz Mexico and brings with him a family tradition of music and dance that includes Latin Jazz & Rock, Salsa, Norteno, Tejano, and Cumbia.

Ben Hunter-Violin & Vocals A musician, educator, and community activist.  With a passion for the folk culture he performs in genres of folk, blues, jazz, classical, and various world styles. 

Peter Rothbart-Vocals